Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 19th 2015

I.  This website does not sell, rent, or trade any personally identification information from its users.  A user is defined as anyone who uses this website or accesses it. The exception to this policy rule is information provided to a third party service(s) intended to fulfill an order such as the USPS, or other similar services.

II.  All personal identification information provided by users is used to fulfill an order.

III.  Cookies and third party software may be used on this website in order to understand, build,  improve, and enhance this website for its users & Ogreatgames. Also, this data is used to provide an optimal experience regarding the use of this website and its external & internal performance. Also cookies and third party software may be used to collect reviews from users, who have voluntarily provided this information, to give a review which may be displayed for other users. All third party software privacy policy & other policies may not be governed by this privacy policy, please see their privacy & terms of service for its full details.

IV.  Ogreatgames may contact its users or any purchaser of product from this website regarding their purchase(s) through information provided voluntarily through medians such as e-mails, or phone numbers.

V.  Specials, promotions, and other advertisement from Ogreatgames may be sent without a users consent.

VI.  This store will not be deemed liable for other privacy policies or terms the user is exposed to through use of this website. This is includes any third part organizations, software, or other entities that this store has partnered with. In other words leaving this website subjects the user or buyer to other privacy & user agreements.

VII. Any alterations or changes to this privacy policy will be added to this page and can be added or removed at anytime.