Game Condition Rating

All our games except the brand new titles are used and have been tested intensely to work on their designated systems.  If a game does not work any buyer may return it as per our return policy (14 business days) for a full 100% refund. Currently, all of the games are in stock with no stock photos.  This means that the item shown is the one that is being bought.  Furthermore, if condition varies greatly from dominant rating conditions it will be noted in the description.

Lastly, unless otherwise noted in the description, all games are NTSC format North American releases.

There are five dominant conditions that all games will be classified under:

Game Disc Only – This means that it is only the game disc

Game with Case & Manual also known as complete – This means the game will have the game, case, and manual

Game with Manual No Case – This means that the game will only have the manual but no case

Game with Case and Disc Only –  This means the game will only have a case but no manual

Brand New – This game has never been opened

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